Aristotle (384-322 BC)

Greek philosopher, scientist and educator aristotle was the son of a physician who personally served the king of Macedonia. At 17 he entered the Academy of Plato, where he worked and studied for 20 year until Plato’s death. He then became the tutor of young Alexander the Great. Eight years later he formed his own school.Aristotle’s aim was to systematize existing knowledge, just as Euclid had systematized geometry. Aristotle made critical observations , collected specimens, and gathered together, summarized, and classified almost all existing knowledge of the physical world. His systematic approach became the method from which Western science later arose. After his death, his voluminous notebooks  were  preserved  in caves near his hom and were later sold to the library at Alexandria. Scholarly activity ceased in most of Europe through the Dark Ages, and the works of Aristotle were forgotten and and lost. Some of the early Greeks’ ideas, however, became incorporated in the scholarship that continued in the Byzantine and Islamic empires. Various texts were reintroduced to Europe during the eleventh and twelfth centuries and translated into Latin. The Church, the dominant political and cultural force in Western Europe, first prohibited the works of Aristotle and then accepted and incorporated them into Christian doctrine. Any attack on Aristotle was an attack on the Church itself.




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